Tony Christensen

Anthony Christensen

Anthony Christensen
Head of DevOps Development and Implementation – Royal Bank of Scotland Edinburgh

Heart of Agile Delivery Partner



Tony is the second person to attain the Certified Advanced Agile Practitioner level.

Level C: 2015-03-24 / Certified Advanced Agile Practitioner

Level B: 2015-03-24 / Advanced Agile

“I may have been a late bloomer when I first heard of this thing called Agile in 2007. But it resonated with me deeply as I recognised that at its core was the recipe for how to do less stupid things today than I had done yesterday.

“The principles, practices and tools that have developed around “the heart of Agile” have stood me in good stead in every situation professionally and personally. I am grateful to Alistair for his friendship, intellect and his ability to see through all the noise and find the central fabric of what makes teams successful.”


Certificate PDF : C-Advanced Agile 02 Anthony Christensen

Certificate PDF : B-20150324 Tony Christensen

C-Advanced Agile 02 Anthony Christensen


B-20150324 Tony Christensen


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