Heart of Agile Conference Requested

By request, I am designing a series of conferences around the Heart of Agile theme. The central idea for these conferences is to have four tracks, one for each of the four actions in the Heart of Agile. However, these will not be parallel tracks, so people can avoid whatever theme they don’t like. They will be sequential, so that there will be a time period to discuss Collaborate; a separate time period to discuss Deliver; and so on.

Within each track, there are three types of sessions:

  • tutorials,
  • experience reports, and
  • peer-to-peer sessions.

Conferences are currently being planned in U.S., in France, and in Australia.

I will upload more about the conference design, in case you are interested in organizing such a conference near you.

Stay tuned, let me know if you are interested in hosting or helping with such a conference in your area.



First full graduates of the Advanced Agile sequence

Congratulations to Jonathan House and Tony Christensen for receiving the first-ever completion of Certified Advanced Agile Practitioner.

As those people know who have taken the Advanced Agile Workshop, this is not a sequence where you attend a class for two days and get a full completion certificate. The sequence is closer to getting a black belt in a martial art, where you attend classes continually, and eventually take an exam.

It was, thus, a significant event when Jonathan House, out of the thousands of people who have taken my courses over the years, including the Advanced Agile Workshop several times, finally completed all that I could ask for someone to be known as operating at the highest level of agile practice.

A few months later, Tony Christensen also passed the same rigorous tests, and it is with pleasure that I finally am able to offer both of them the highest certificate I can offer: Certified Advanced Agile Practitioner.