First full graduates of the Advanced Agile sequence

Congratulations to Jonathan House and Tony Christensen for receiving the first-ever completion of Certified Advanced Agile Practitioner.

As those people know who have taken the Advanced Agile Workshop, this is not a sequence where you attend a class for two days and get a full completion certificate. The sequence is closer to getting a black belt in a martial art, where you attend classes continually, and eventually take an exam.

It was, thus, a significant event when Jonathan House, out of the thousands of people who have taken my courses over the years, including the Advanced Agile Workshop several times, finally completed all that I could ask for someone to be known as operating at the highest level of agile practice.

A few months later, Tony Christensen also passed the same rigorous tests, and it is with pleasure that I finally am able to offer both of them the highest certificate I can offer: Certified Advanced Agile Practitioner.

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