1st Conference Melbourne, Heart of Agile

1st Conference Melbourne
In 2017, we became the first event in the Southern Hemisphere to be structured around Alistair Cockburn’s Heart of Agile framework.
In 2018, 26th and 27th of February, we continue to frame the event around the pillars of the Heart of Agile; “Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect and Improve”.

Enable Organisational Agility in 2018
“For people who want a deeper understanding of how to bring the principles of Agility to their wider organisation. 1st Conference’s talks and workshops will provide ideas and practical methods you can use to enhance agility across a whole company.”

Adapt and stay relevant. Australian businesses are adopting new ways of working, with Organisational Agility at the heart of it. 1st will help you find the bridge to organisational and personal agility.

Enhanced format. A mixture of talks and workshops, across the two days, continues our commitment to enhancing organisational agility and promoting deeper understanding.
Fantastic venue: the amazing Storey Hall at RMIT University.
Numbers are limited, for a, community-based, learning experience.
Commitment to diversity of speakers and facilitators