Heart of Agile Delivery Partner

Our goal and passion is to discover better ways of working and to share these discoveries with our clients. Agile methods have always been in the focus of our attention.

Our passion for agile resulted in our organizing the first Agile Austria Conference in 2017 with the main theme “Heart of Agile”. The idea of Alistair’s Heart of Agile spoke us from the bottom of our heart. He supported our conference as a key-note speaker and we figured out how compatible our approaches are. Hence, we will continue to support Heart of Agile and making agility agile again.

We develop software and provide cloud services for automated testing of portals & mobile apps. We have applied Agile Methodologies in varying settings and contexts since the concept existed, and as JIPP.IT since 2009.  Start-ups and well-known enterprises around the globe trust in our competence.

We are looking forward to accompany you on your very personal agile journey and to enlighten your agile heart.

Wolfgang Richter,
Agile CEO, Coach, Heart of Agile Partner and Certified LeSS Trainer



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