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Edinburgh: Improve Meetup

juillet 4, 2019 @ 6:30 - 9:00 UTC+0

Welcome to the July edition of the Heart of Agile meet ups. This time we will focus on the improve element out of the four quadrants….. by making an improvement!

This iteration has kindly fallen on the Fourth of July so please embrace the spirt of our American brothers & sisters and show your love with whatever homage to the US of A that you can, sky is the limit, let your imagination take over! Hopefully we can get our hands on some Budweiser, burgers, and hotdogs to keep us going whilst we plan an improvement we can all contribute to.

To explore the Improve aspect of the Heart of Agile, we are going to do a group experiment! Yes all of us so get involved, it’s going to be fun. We’ll use the night to plan it as far as we need and we’ll time box the activities so we come out with something tangible and doable in the timeline we agree on. So what are we going to do I hear you ask? We’re going to work as a group with the availability we can all contribute and do something that’s going to help and improve a charity or not for profit of choice. We’ll deliver something of value, collaborating as a group and we’ll inspect, reflect, and discuss in the following meet up in September.

The location and is set to be finalised. It’ll be in Edinburgh but stay tuned for final details.

So what do you need to bring? Nothing more than an open mind and a few ideas on who we might help and what we could do to help! Most of us are from the technology sector so let’s maybe think along those lines. However, it doesn’t have to be as there are no rules. Only thing we need is a willingness to listen, get involved and see where it goes. Jump on board and have some fun whilst making an improvement over beer, burgers, hotdogs, and beers!


Date :
juillet 4, 2019
Heure :
6:30 - 9:00
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