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Phillip Gadzinski

Melbourne, Australia

Strategic Agility Facilitator at Elabor8

I use Heart of Agile as a model for getting back to basics, exploring the simplicity of Agile, unfolding the deeper ideas and concepts it leads to.


I create environments where people can thrive.

With a diverse background, I relate to many contexts. It started with time in the Army, during which I learnt the true value of trust and cross functional teams.

After university, which I attended on a military scholarship program, and some formative years in Global Risk and Operational roles, I moved into the world of Program Delivery. Trying to achieve what often looked impossible made me realise — you're only as good as the team, business and customer support around you.

I now work alongside Executive, C-level and leaders across organisations to help them rethink the way they observe, understand and act at work in order to create ideal environments for agility.

This is system-level focus, and the Heart of Agile is my anchor to drive change.

Heart of Agile Icon

Why Heart of Agile

Heart of Agile can be used in parallel to any agile method or framework, or in its own right as an Agile method. It's four simple questions to assess where you are , the nature of where you are, and what you want to do next. It’s a tool to simply cut through the current noise around Agile. The fact that it is open-sourced and community-based around the four key words is part of its power.

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