Tony Ponton

Brisbane, Australia

Principal Consultant, Elabor8

The simplicity factor without the myriad clauses and dot points provides a vehicle to bring organizations, leaders and teams back to what makes Agile so powerful.


Tony Ponton has been an IT Professional for over 20 years and an Agile - Lean Practitioner, Coach and Trainer since 2002.

He specialises in coaching leaders, individuals and organisations in agility in order to build high performing organisations.

Tony has trained and coached for Australian and International enterprise companies as well as keynoting, presenting and training at world and local conferences.

He is Head of Business Advisory Queensland and Principal Consultant for Elabor8 and also co-chairs one of the worlds leading Agile Podcasts – The Agile Revolution.

Tony is part of the global Heart of Agile movement and serves as a Heart of Agile Method Guide

Heart of Agile Icon


Agile has become so convoluted with scaling frameworks and multiple methodologies, all of them claiming to be the golden cure to creating agility. I find increasingly that every time I am asked to help somewhere that had a failed or less than optimal Agile implementation, it was because they had ignored the basics. A return to these made immediate and lasting impact every time. When Alistair crystallised this into the simplicity that is the Heart of Agile using those four words, Collaborate, Deliver, Reflect, Improve, it gave voice and premise to have conversations with organisations, leaders and teams in a clear and simple way that is easily grasped and implemented immediately.


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