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Mike Leber


Enterprise Agile Coach at Agile Experts

Agile methods have become overcomplicated during past few years. A totally counterproductive move. Via the Heart of Agile we are back to the essence again.


Mike Leber is an Executive Consultant, Enterprise Agile Coach and Trainer, located in Vienna, Austria, working globally and with a strong focus on the DACH region (Germany, Austria, Switzerland). Having founded the Agile Experts group in Vienna, together with his team he has been developing practices helping whole organizations, single teams and also individuals to thrive in fast changing environments via agile principles, methods and practices.

Mike has a long-standing experience working with large corporate organizations, but also with smaller teams and mature startups. He and his team support large-scale agile transformations, agile portfolio and product development programs, and a variety of aspects to grow effective agile organizations. His own main focus is leadership agility, coaching executive and senior leaders for their stance to grow high performance organizations.

Adding to his topics at work, Mike believes in the power of communities. As such he co-created and co-facilitated the Agile Lean Europe (ALE) network, the Austrian Agile Coachcamp, the Austrian Scrum Community and variety of other specific groups. And of course he started and keeps supporting the Heart of Agile Austria community.

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No doubt, that more complicated businesses need broader considerations and a broader variety of aspects addressed, than a single startup team. But it is also worthwhile to rethink, that such complicated businesses might not carry the appropriate answers for the future. We are living in times of exponential organizations. Impact is not driven by the size of a business alone, but more by the competence, how small multi-disciplinary cells are able to thrive alone, while connecting and permanently reconnecting within their bigger eco-system. Size is not coming alone by manpower, but by utilizing platforms.

The development of highly complicated methods in the agile space does not reflect this new development for a changing future, but rather reproduce org models from the 90ies. This way they have been moving away from the core ideas of "agile" with every additional practice they added.

When I heard about the Heart of Agile from Alistair, it was immediately clear to me, this was the right idea.  Super simple at first sight, super deep right after. This is how we consider impact in a rapidly changing complex world.


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