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Patrick Sarfati

Paris, France

Founder, Soft-Method

The Heart of Agile is very pragmatic. It helps the organizations I work with improve their results.

Le Coeur d'Agilité est très pragmatique. Il aide les organisations avec lesquelles je travaille à améliorer leurs résultats.


Patrick is a Consultant, Coach and Trainer with experience over 20 years in driving off-track critical projects back on track to full success. Speaking English and French, he has helped projects in France, Germany, Belgium, England, Netherlands, Spain, USA, India, and China, using a wide range of tools and expertise, including SCRUM (CSP) , eXTreme Programming , Management 3.0 (Trainer), Agile at Scale SAFe (SPC) , RUP , Project Management , CMMI and ISO. Based out of France, he is part of the Heart of Agile Community there and has recently organized the First Heart of Agile Conference in Paris.

Patrick Sarfati est un Consultant, Entraîneur et Formateur avec une expérience de plus de 20 ans dans la conduite de projets critiques hors piste en plein essor. Bilangue francophone-anglophone, il a aidé des projets en France, en Allemagne, en Belgique, en Angleterre, aux Pays-Bas, en Espagne, aux États-Unis, en Inde et en Chine, en utilisant une vaste gamme d’outils et expertise, entre-eux SCRUM (CSP), eXTreme Programming, Management 3.0 (formateur), Agile at Scale SAFe (SPC), RUP, gestion de projet, CMMI et ISO. Basé en France, il fait partie de la communauté Heart of Agile et a récemment organisé la première conférence Heart of Agile à Paris.

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Heart of Agile crystalizes the fundamentals of Agile. No enterprise can build anything serious or have results and ROI in Agile without the right Agile foundations and values, that are synthetized in Heart of Agile by Alistair Cockburn. In addition to that, Alistair really incarnates the human values of Agility: people first! As a methodologist for 25 years, I recognize myself very well in Alistair Cockburn’s HOA approach. For many, if you are Agile you need to “fail fast”, as well you cannot establish a mid-long term roadmap! Idiots! Agile is rather learn fast. As HOA Agile Coaches, our duty is rather to help enterprises succeed directly, avoiding failures by learning fast. In the same way, Agile allows to establish a roadmap. It will be more accurate and more flexible, that is all!


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