Hoy mas ágiles que ayer, de Diego Sanchez Rivera

“…a reflexionar que podrían hacer para aplicar los valores y principios de la agilidad y lograr ser “hoy, un poco más ágiles que ayer”. Nuestro diseño incluyó hacer mesas de conversaciones donde pudieran pensarlo colaborativamente alrededor de un “canvas” del HoA, y ayudados por preguntas habilitantes para cada una de las dimensiones.”ágiles-que-ayer-7f2221c8e535  …

Figure what is still to come small

Agile is not dead, quite the opposite

Three billion people form the global labor pool; 227 million in Europe, 130 million full-time employees in the US, 48% of the US workers are in knowledge work; there are 4.6 million IT workers in the US alone, over 3 million in India. IT in India accounted for 8% of its GDP already in 2013,…

Moore crossing chasm curve

What happens after Agile crosses the chasm

Agile is spreading and changing at such a rate that Cutter’s Business Technology journal devoted two issues to the topic (see references). In the introduction to the first issue, abridged to post on this site, I examined the idea that we have entered the “post-agile” age (read it here). “Post-agile” means that we are in…

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