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HoA various logo designs

The story of designing the Heart of Agile logo

In the Heart of Agile, we often talk about ‘decisions’ as the unit of inventory and the need to get feedback on them as soon as possible. In 2018, we decided to redesign the Heart of Agile logo. This tweet stream exposes the sequence of decisions we made and how we got feedback along the…

The Heart of Agile begins

Whatever your initiative, it involves changing the world just a little bit. You want your intervention in the world to have a particular effect, or outcome. The world, however, is remarkably resistant to our interventions. The best ideas fail either because of small misunderstandings of how the world will react to our idea, or because…

HoA Fireside #1, 2020-03-25

We had our first “fireside” chat publicly, on Zoom, with around 50 people from around the world. The video recording of the zoom is available on our public YouTube channel : The notes from the meeting are in this PDF – take a look if you like. HoA Fireside 2020-03-25 public

Figure what is still to come small

Agile is not dead, quite the opposite

Three billion people form the global labor pool; 227 million in Europe, 130 million full-time employees in the US, 48% of the US workers are in knowledge work; there are 4.6 million IT workers in the US alone, over 3 million in India. IT in India accounted for 8% of its GDP already in 2013,…

Moore crossing chasm curve

What happens after Agile crosses the chasm

Agile is spreading and changing at such a rate that Cutter’s Business Technology journal devoted two issues to the topic (see references). In the introduction to the first issue, abridged to post on this site, I examined the idea that we have entered the “post-agile” age (read it here). “Post-agile” means that we are in…

Kokoro extends Shu-Ha-Ri with “Heart”

In March 2015, I was searching for a way to extend Shu-Ha-Ri with a radical simplification… and found “kokoro”. Read the little story here… kokoro extends shu ha ri (PDF)

Shu Ha Ri

Around 2000, I was writing about the 3 levels of listening, and someone introduced me to Shu-Ha-Ri. They have been a mainstay of my writing, teaching, speaking since then. Here is an article explaining Shu Ha Ri, from the early 2000s: Shu Ha Ri (PDF) Then, in 2015, I was looking for the radical simplification of…

World Cafe Night Brief Instructions

We did following: 0. Tables of 4-6 people. Any number of tables. 1. It will get very noisy, so start off showing people how the raised-hands = silence thing works, use a bell + raised hands to get people’s attention when table swapping. Practice before proceeding. 2. Each table picks a topic from the theme…

Post-Agile thoughts

We are now in the “post-Agile” age. “Post”-something means that we are in an in-between period, where one thing has been incorporated into our culture and the next thing has not yet formed to the point of naming. The period of horseless carriages preceded the age of cars; indeed, even “automobile” is an in-between word,…

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