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World Cafe Night Brief Instructions

We did following:

0. Tables of 4-6 people. Any number of tables.

1. It will get very noisy, so start off showing people how the raised-hands = silence thing works, use a bell + raised hands to get people’s attention when table swapping. Practice before proceeding.

2. Each table picks a topic from the theme of the day.

3. Go around around the room, each table announces what their table’s topic is. Duplicates allowed.

4. One Round: Each table discusses their topic for 10 min, someone takes notes.

5. At 10 min, sound bell (+raised hands) for end of round. One person stays behind to report to the newcomers, others all shift tables (as a group or randomly). Try to keep the tables at 4-6 people per table.

5. Repeat maybe 3 times, so 30-40 min total.

6. A final mini-round: Everyone returns to their starting table, the person who stayed behind reports on the discussions that followed after the starting group left.

7. Go around the room, everyone says their main Aha, Learning or Insight from the set of discussions

total = about 1 hour.

Other resources for World Cafe sessions:

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